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PAYMENT CAN ONLY BE MADE VIA CREDIT CARDS AT THE MOMENT. But before you place an order with us using credit cards, we do hope that you could make some time to read the following information to understand how online credit card transactions work:

The typical online credit card transaction can be broken down into three parts: authorization, request for funds, and funds transfer. The five major players are the consumer, merchant, acquiring bank, issuing bank and the merchant bank. These players share information over two networks – the internet & a credit card network, which is a separate propriety network run by each major credit card.

When you are ready to purchase a product online, your computer’s web browsers and the merchant’s web server work together to create a secure connection. You send information such as your name, address, and credit card number and expiration date over this secure connection to the merchant. The merchant’s software sends this information about your order over the internet to the acquiring bank. From the acquiring bank, the information travels over the appropriate credit card network to the issuing bank. The issuing bank checks to see if your information is legitimate and if you have enough credit to cover the purchase. If you do, your issuing bank sends an approval or authorization code to the merchant and the acquiring bank.

Now the merchant sends a request for funds to the acquiring bank to cover the amount of the purchase. The acquiring bank passes this request on to the issuing bank. Your issuing bank adds the amount of your purchase to your monthly account statement.


At the end of the business day, your issuing bank sends the acquiring bank the money it owes for your transaction. At the end of every monthly cycle, the issuing bank sends you your credit card statement. The acquiring bank wires the money due to the merchant into its bank account, take out a percentage as a processing fee.